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Charter (format: pdf; Approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders - April 16, 2015; Agreed with the Moscow State Technical University of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation - July 06, 2015; Date of entry on the state registration of the new version of the Charter in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities - July 15, 2015)

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The representative office of Evrofinance Mosnarbank operates in Caracas (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela).

From the very first years of its operations Evrofinance Mosnarbank places high emphasis on the patronage of the arts, educational institutions and aid to socially disadvantaged classes. Stable growth in the Bank’s performance results enables it to extend and diversify its sponsorship and charity programmes.

All charity programmes of the Bank are target-oriented and for the most part are long-term. Its priorities in this field include aid to municipal orphanages and institutions for babies disabled from childhood. For more than 15 years Evrofinance Mosnarbank has been supporting Orphanage No. 17 in the City of Moscow. Since 2003 the Bank has been providing financial assistance to the ‘Severnaya Korona’ orphanage assistance fund which renders aid for more than 100 boarding schools, orphanages and baby orphans centres in twenty four constituent regions of Russia. In 2006 the Bank paid for sports equipment to be installed on the Navy ships of the Russia’s Pacific and Arctic Fleets.

Educational programmes are another priority of Evrofinance Mosnarbank. The Bank supports Russian institutions of higher learning, contributes to the efforts aimed at the development of creative thinking and at academic advances of the Russian youth. In 1996 the Bank financed renovation of a auditorium of the Economics Faculty of the Moscow State University (MGU). In 2004 it appropriated funds to the MGU Law School. The Bank also financed publication by the Moscow Finance Academy under the Russian Government of a number of monographs on economic theory. Supporting young hopefuls of Saint Petersburg, Russia, the Bank became a sponsor of the 2004 Saint Petersburg Youth Award granted by the Community Board of the city. In 2005 the Bank remitted funds to the Saint Petersburg State University for restoration of the Palace of the Bobrinski Counts. After restoration the palace will house the Smolny Institute of Free Arts and Sciences. For a number of years Leontief Centre is also among those institutions which receive the Bank’s financial support in implementation of its research, consulting and publishing projects.

In its sponsorship work the Bank pays great attention to patronage of the arts. Evrofinance Mosnarbank - having deep respect to the Russian Orthodox Church – made contributions to the Fund for the Financial Support for the Reconstruction of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The funds were spent on construction of the blown up cathedral and its decoration. This newly-erected Moscow cathedral became a symbol of resurrection of the Russian national spirituality and culture. The Bank was among the first institutions which joined efforts aimed at reconstruction of Konstantinovsky Palace in Strelnya at the outskirts of Saint Petersburg, Russia. In 2003 Evrofinance Mosnarbank became the official sponsor of St. Petersburg’s tercentenary celebrations and was awarded by the city’s authorities and The Foundation ‘Saint Petersburg’ with a Gold Badge of Honour and a Diploma. The Bank is a long-term sponsor of the Mariinsky Theater in Saint Petersburg and a major sponsor of the Stars of the White Nights Arts Festival. In 2003 the Bank provided financial assistance for the reconstruction of the Philharmonic Hall in Tomsk, Siberia. In 2005 the Arkhangelsk Drama Theatre named after Mikhail Lomonossov staged a number of new plays with the Bank’s financial support.

In 2006 Evrofinance Mosnarbank continued its sponsorship work providing financial assistance to the State University of Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Russian art is in the focus of the Bank’s sponsorship efforts. In 2008 the Bank granted financial assistance to the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, for the purchase of a Portrait of Peter the Great. In 2010 with the Bank’s financial support the State Russian Museum of Saint Petersburg acquired the portrait of the Emperor Alexander the First. Evrofinance Mosnarbank also granted funds to the Museum of History of Saint Petersburg on restoration of the Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire on the bottom of St. Peter’s Gate in the Peter-Paul Fortress in Saint Petersburg. In the current year the Bank effected a charity assistance to the Troitsky Orthodox Church School located near Moscow and sponsorship of the military orchestras parade in the Red Square in Moscow "Spasskaya bashnya".

Besides sponsoring support of social and cultural events Evrofinance Mosnarbank participates actively in different projects aimed at the development of business sphere in Russia and overseas. In particular the Bank acted as main sponsor on the financial week MOSINTERFIN which took place for the first time in Moscow in October of 2011. There were discussed the most urgent problems of modern economics and their possible decisions as well as the realization of prospective projects, for example the establishment of international financial center (IFC) in Moscow. The participants of the first Moscow international financial week sincerely believe that MOSINTERFIN will become an annual event for discussions between commercial and non-commercial organizations and where Russian and world-known financial leaders and scientists can share their experience with the members of the Forum.

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