Opening and maintaining accounts

EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK has been a member of the Bank deposit insurance system of individuals in the Russian Federation since 21.09.2004. The Bank is included in the register of banks participating in the deposit insurance system under number 21.


Evrofinance Mosnarbank Depository was founded in 1995, has License of a professional participant of the stock market for custody business No. 045-04142-000100 dated December 20, 2000. Evrofinance Mosnarbank Depository offers its clients a full range of custody services for all types of securities traded in the Russian and international markets.


Evrofinance Mosnarbank is one of the leading participants of the Russian stock market. We provide professional services to our clients and partners, providing them with a full range of securities transactions permitted by the Russian legislation on the Moscow Exchange stock market.


EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK opens and maintains accounts both in Russian rubles and in foreign currency:

Demand accounts

The bank opens Demand accounts for individuals in Russian Rubles, US Dollars, Euros, British pounds sterling, Venezuelan bolivar.

For opening of an account, the Client submits to the Bank the Application for opening an account (according to the form of the Bank), as well his passport or another identity document in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

The Bank monthly charges interest on the remaining financial assets in the amount and in the order prescribed by the Bank. The Bank informs the client about these conditions when opening an account.

For conducting transactions with your accounts, the Bank charges a commission in accordance with the Commission Fee of EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK for executing orders on transactions of individuals-clients of the Bank.

The Standard Rules for opening and maintaining of demand deposit accounts for individuals  (effective since 12/03/2024)

Term deposits accounts

For more information, see the section "Deposits"

Dear clients!

Starting March 12, 2024, the following interest rates on "Demand" deposits come into effect:

Interest rates on demand deposits:
Russian rubles  0,01%
U.S. dollars  0,01%
Euros  0,01%
British pounds  0,01%
Venezuelan bolivar  0,001%

Аccount for bank card settlements

For more information, see the section “Bank cards"

Documents required for submission by a client (client’s representative by attorney) to maintain and or to close bank accounts (deposit accounts)*:

  • The original of the identity document of the Client's Representative;
  • The original power of attorney;
  • The original or notarized copy of the Client's identity document;
  • Other documents required for identification in accordance with the Federal Law No.115-FZ dated 07.08.2001 «On Combating Legalization (Laundering) of Proceeds from Crime and Financing of Terrorism» (if applicable);
  • Foreign citizens and stateless individuals shall also submit: one of the documents confirming the right of the Representative (a foreign citizen or a stateless individual) for stay (residence) in the Russian Federation listed below: a residence permit, a temporary residence permit, a visa or any other document confirming the right of a foreign citizen or a stateless individual for stay (residence) in the Russian Federation under the legislation of the Russian Federation; or a migration card (in case other documents are not available).

* - EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK (further – the Bank), it’s necessary, may conduct additional verification of submitted documents, including apostilled/legalized, during no more than two working days from the date of submission of these documents to the Bank.

Trusting third parties to manage customer's account

  • Customers can authorize any individual above 14 years old to carry out transactions on their bank accounts.
  • The warrant of trust can be written in the Bank's office - in the presence or absence of a trustee.
  • A warrant made outside of the Bank should be authorized by the notary. If the warrant is made abroad, the warrant should be authorized by the Russian Embassy or Consulate.
  • A warrant can be voided at any moment by the customer's written request.

Operations on accounts

EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK offers the following operations on accounts:

  • Evrofinance Mosnarbank transfers funds in Russian rubles and foreign currency to receiving accounts opened: in the Bank, in other Russian and foreign banks.
  • ВCrediting to a relevant bank account, monetary funds are advanced in Russian Roubles and in foreign currencies;
  • Payments received from other banks are deposited into customer's account no later than the next business day after the day when the payment was received.
  • Currency exchange

Evrofinance Mosnarbank operates in three foreign currencies: Euro; US dollar; British pound.

Evrofinance Mosnarbank charges a commission fee according to its tariffs for individuals.


The Standard Rules for opening and maintaining of demand deposit accounts for individuals  (were effective till 11/03/2024)
The Standard Rules for opening and maintaining of demand deposit accounts for individuals  (effective since 06/22/2023)
The Standard Rules for opening and maintaining of demand deposit accounts for individuals  (effective since 07/15/2022)

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