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EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK has been a member of the Bank deposit insurance system of individuals in the Russian Federation since 21.09.2004. The Bank is included in the register of banks participating in the deposit insurance system under number 21.


Evrofinance Mosnarbank Depository was founded in 1995, has License of a professional participant of the stock market for custody business No. 045-04142-000100 dated December 20, 2000. Evrofinance Mosnarbank Depository offers its clients a full range of custody services for all types of securities traded in the Russian and international markets.


Evrofinance Mosnarbank is one of the leading participants of the Russian stock market. We provide professional services to our clients and partners, providing them with a full range of securities transactions permitted by the Russian legislation on the Moscow Exchange stock market.


Gold bars

are a popular way of long-term investment

Gold bars as a long-term investment

Gold bars represent a popular mode of long-term investment, given that gold enjoys a good reputation as valuable asset resistent to inflation, easily trasferable by way of inheritance and exchangeable for money anywhere in the world.

Purchase rules

You enjoy the right to purchase gold bars in any amount. To purchase a gold bar you should contact the Bank’s office to check the availability of a bar you interested in. While purchasing, you receive a certificate/passport confirming the compliance of precious metal to Russian national or international quality standards.

The payment for bars will be realized through funds writing off the account which you opened with the Bank.

Bars storage

The optimal storage is a bank vault which provides maximum safety and protection. It is important to remember that golden bars should be stored in a safe and dry place, thus evading humidity and effects of chemical substances.

Bar prices for sale Au.jpg

Ingot weight Sale (₽/per bar)
1 gram
5 grams
10 grams
20 grams
50 grams
100 grams
250 grams
500 grams
1000 grams

Information about Prices does not constitute an offer according to Art. 437 Civil Code of the Russian Federation

Taxes in Russia

Since 01 March 2022 the VAT on purchase of precious metal bars has been abolished. Nevertheless, you may be required to pay the Personal Income Tax after selling the bar.

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