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3D Secure — secure payment for goods and services over the Internet

3D Secure — secure payment for goods and services over the Internet

3D Secure System allows you to affect purchases over the Internet using your card while buying using your card became much more secure!


  • Secure:
    Your card is protected with one-time password which is available for you only and is valid for one purchase only. Your money is in your hands only!
  • Convenient:
    You don’t need to remember the password. One-time password is sent to your mobile number or e-mail address every time you affect payment of goods or services at participating Internet store. To use this services you need to join the SMS-reporting service (paid service) or submit an application to the Bank requesting provision of information on your card transactions (service is provided at no cost)

3D Secure technology is the unique system providing security of goods and services payment over the Internet being a part of the global program Verified by Visa.

You will recognize the participating Internet store upon the presence of logo: Verified by Visa:  


You can use the card for purchases payment at the Internet store participating in the Verified by Visa program under the following conditions:



  • Before purchasing you have registered the SMS-reporting service at the Bank ATM and paid for this service*;


  • Before purchasing you have informed the Bank on the personal e-mail address whereon the Bank will send one-time passwords.

At the moment of your purchase at the participating Internet store each time you will be prompted to enter the password, when you perform a purchase at Internet stores participating the program. The password is single-use (is valid for only one purchase) and is provided via SMS to the mobile phone number or via the e-mail address provided to the bank before the purchase. After successful password entry the payment will be approved. Only you can use your card!



Please, timely inform the Bank on changes in your e-mail address or mobile phone number connected to the SMS-reporting service by any of the following means:

 8 (800) 2008-600  (toll-free call)




* Paid service according to the tariffs of JSCB “EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK” OJSC.


Client Support:

Main office address:
29 Novy Arbat
Moscow 121099

Phone: +7 495 967 81 82
Fax: +7 495 967 81 33

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