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Currency Control

Evrofinance Mosnarbank acts as a currency control agent, supervising the clients' compliance with Russian legislation governing foreign currency-related issues.

The bank's well-trained specialists with years of experience in the area of currency control help clients prepare the necessary paperwork and provide consulting on issues related to currency conversion deals carried out by the bank's clients in foreign currency and in Russian rubles:

  • Free advice on currency control legislation issues at any stage of a deal, including complicated and unusual cases;
  • Checking that the terms of contracts and deals comply with currency control regulations;
  • Analysis of any documents (and drafts of documents) which envisage deals with foreign currency, in order to avoid possible violations of law:
    • Contracts for delivery of goods or services, or transfer of information intellectual property rights,
    • Lending agreements between residents and non-residents,
    • Investment transactions (purchase/sale of securities, stakes, etc),
    • Documents for non-trading deals and foreign currency deals including those between residents;
  • Preparing transaction passports within one business day, in client's presence and on behalf of a client;
  • Preparing transaction passports on contracts which have earlier been served by other designated banks;
  • Certifying the client's operations with passports of transactions;
  • Settling problems of compliance with the customs regulations (including clearing of exported/imported goods at custom checkpoints);
  • Consulting on validity/invalidity of delivery or failure to deliver goods or foreign currency receipts;
  • Preparing and checking documents for compliance of transactions with specific provisions with currency control regulations;
  • Informing clients in advance that the term for mandatory sales of foreign currency is expiring and that it is necessary to make provisions;
  • Informing clients of all changes in currency control legislation in a timely manner.

Specialists from the Bank's Currency Control Department regularly attend meetings with the officials of the Central Bank of Russia and other currency control bodies and also take part in conferences held by the Association of Russian Banks.

You can reach our Currency Control by phone (+7 495) 792 31 46

List of major currency control regulations:

  • Federal Law № 173-FЗ of December 10, 2003 "On currency regulation and currency control"
  • Bank of Russia’s Instruction № 138-И dated June 4, 2012, “On documents and information provided to the authorized banks by residents and non-residents in the matter of money exchange operations, issuing of deal certificates, registering and control of exchange operations realized by the authorized banks” 
  • Instruction of the Central Bank of Russia № 111-I of March 30, 2004 "On mandatory sale of part of foreign currency receipts on the domestic foreign exchange market of the Russian Federation"
  • Bank of Russia’s Regalement 308-П dated July 20, 2007 “On the mode of remitting information about violation of the exchange regulation norms of Russia committed in the course of realizing exchange operations”

Sample currency control documents to be presented to Evrofinance Mosnarbank:

  • Transaction passport for a foreign trade deal
  • Transaction passport for a loan
  • Foreign exchange transaction certificate
  • Certificate for documents confirming the deal
  • Certificate of receiving Russian currency
  • Certificate of settlement via accounts abroad
  • Request of provision

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Client Support:

Main office address:
29 Novy Arbat
Moscow 121099

Phone: +7 495 967 81 82
Fax: +7 495 967 81 33

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